How to install a Pond Window

  • BHM - BioHome Media

    BioHome Ultra is the go to Bakki shower media for professionals, it is the only media that we know of that can properly colonise anaerobic bacteria, which are key for full cycle filtration

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  • Bottom Drain? or Pump Fed?

    A question we get asked a LOT is whether or not it is worth fitting a bottom drain.... the answer is always YES!


    *Dirt hits the filter first, not your pump impeller (Bigger chunks of much are easier for a filter to catch)

    *No unsightly pump in the pond that fish can damage themselves on

    *Aerated drains improve movement in the water and help push dirt into your filter more efficiently, less pond vacuuming!

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  • Pond Window Sealant

    We use 2 types of sealant, PU and MS Polymer.

    The main difference is that PU cannot cure in wet conditions and MS Polymer sealants can, MS Polymer is also fish safe out of the tube before curing so is perfect for repairs when fish cannot be removed.

    Both have excellent adhesion properties and are fish safe once cured

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