Sleeper Pond Kit Delivery and Lead Times Explained

Sleeper Pond Kit Delivery and Lead Times Explained

How will my kit be delivered?

Once your kit is ready to be shipped we will let you know it is about to be sent out., the haulier will contact you directly to arrange a suitable day and it will be delivered to your nearest curb side. The kit will be securely packed on a pallet, shrink wrapped, and banded together. This ensures that all the components of your kit stay intact during transportation. Certain parts of your kit will be sent separately, following feedback from previous customers that things like bolts and sealant had fallen off or become damaged. To start unloading your kit, you should first cut the banding that is holding the uppermost timbers. By doing this, you keep the pallet solid and reduce the chances of any parts falling off.

Your Delivery driver may have a tail lift and a pump truck, these are for deliveries suitable for this equipment. Your kit is to be hand balled off the back of the wagon and this is your responsibility.

If we deem it safe to do so we will include your glass in the main pallet, otherwise it can be sent separately.

What about the weight of the timbers?

The timbers in your kit can weigh up to 30kg each. Therefore, it is important to have a minimum of two people available for offloading. This ensures that the unloading process is safe and efficient. If you have ordered a very large kit, you may need additional people to help carry the glass. Glass can be quite heavy, some weighing over 100kg. The glass comes loose and you will need to have a safe place to store it.

Can I choose a Saturday delivery?

While Saturday deliveries are possible, they are usually more expensive. If you prefer a Saturday delivery, you can request a quote from us. We will provide you with the cost and make the necessary arrangements.

What is the lead time?

If your kit includes glass then the production lead time is estimated at 3 to 4 weeks, this is usually due to glass lead times being the same. Sometimes we have glass in stock and are able to send this out much sooner, please ask if this is possible.

Once produced we aim to ship within a couple of working days.

What makes our kits easy to build?

Our kits come with pre-cut numbered sleepers, making the assembly process incredibly easy. You don't have to worry about measuring and cutting the sleepers yourself. Additionally, all the screws and bolts you'll need are included in the kit. This saves you time and ensures that you have everything required for the construction.

What about the liner?

Once you have constructed your kit we ask that you measure the internal sizes and provide them to us, this step ensures that your liner fits perfectly. All timbers are rough sawn which is not precise so we cannot predict the size that the kit will end up.

Box Liners and underlay are sent out within 5 to 10 days following your measurements being sent to us. It is rare that it is longer than 6 days.

Our kits come with a box welded liner made of 1mm Butyl. The liner simply drops into place, so there's no need for folding or complicated installation.