What is MyPond MS300 and How Does It Work?

What is MyPond MS300 and How Does It Work?

What is MyPond Ms300?

MyPond Ms300 is a high-performance and environmentally friendly modified adhesive sealant that serves as the perfect all-purpose pond sealant. It is designed to provide a durable and flexible bond for various materials such as concrete, stone, wood, glass, metal, rubber, plastic, and fiberglass.

Why is MyPond Ms300 the Best Choice for Your Pond?

1. Fish Safe: MyPond Ms300 is completely safe for fish and aquatic life, ensuring that your pond remains a healthy and thriving environment.

2. Cures Underwater: Unlike many other sealants, MyPond Ms300 can cure underwater, making it ideal for sealing leaks or cracks in your pond with the ability to fill up much sooner than other sealants, we do not reccomend attempting to repair underwater as there is a big difference in the final strength of the repair, we won't lie to you and say it's perfect for sealing underwater, we're pretty sure there isn't yet a good fish safe solution to this!

3. Bonds Liners: MyPond Ms300 provides a strong and reliable bond for pond liners, ensuring that they stay securely in place. Ensure you are bonding rubber EPDM or Butyl, there are cheap plastic liners available on the market but these are not long lasting and are extremely difficult to repair. No sealant will bond to flexi liners very well, avoid this type of liner if installing a pond window!

4. Perfect for Pond Window Installation: Whether you want to add a beautiful window to your pond or repair an existing one, MyPond Ms300 is the perfect sealant for the job.

5. Bottom Drain Sealing: MyPond Ms300 is highly effective in sealing bottom drains, preventing any leaks and maintaining the integrity of your pond system.

6. 4x Stronger than Silicone: MyPond Ms300 is four times stronger than silicone sealants, providing superior durability and long-lasting performance.

How Does MyPond Ms300 Work?

MyPond Ms300 is a flexible sealant that utilizes terminal silyl polyether as the base polymer. This unique formulation ensures excellent weather resistance, durability, and high resistance to movement. It can bond to various substrates such as wood, glass, and metal, providing a stable and long-lasting seal.

Easy to Use

MyPond Ms300 is easy to use, requiring no priming on clean surfaces that are free of grease and dust (concrete must be primed). It bonds almost all liners (excluding laminated tarps), making it a versatile solution for various pond applications.

Environmentally Friendly

MyPond Ms300 is not only highly effective but also environmentally friendly. It has zero odor and zero formaldehyde, ensuring a safe and pleasant working environment. Additionally, it does not shrink after colloid curing, providing a reliable and long-lasting seal.


When it comes to pond sealants, MyPond Ms300 is the ultimate choice. Its fish-safe formula, ability to cure underwater, and strong bonding capabilities make it the perfect solution for all your pond sealing needs. Whether you need to repair a leak, install a pond window, or seal bottom drains, MyPond Ms300 delivers exceptional performance and durability. Trust the experts and choose MyPond Ms300 for a reliable and long-lasting pond sealant.