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What is MS300 Liquid Liner?

MS300 Liquid Liner is a revolutionary product designed to provide a seamless and durable solution for pond repairs. It is a liquid coating that forms a protective barrier, preventing leaks and extending the lifespan of your pond. This innovative product is perfect for both professional pond builders and DIY enthusiasts.

How does MS300 Liquid Pond Liner work?

MS300 Liquid Pond Liner is specifically formulated to bond with various surfaces, including Wood, Glass and Concrete in ponds. It creates a flexible yet strong membrane that seals any cracks or leaks, ensuring your pond remains watertight. With its quick-drying formula, MS300 Liquid Pond Liner dries in as little as 6 hours, allowing you to enjoy your repaired pond in no time.

MS300 is primarily a high strength adhesive with waterproofing properties.

Mark out a 1 square meter area, apply several large beads of product within this space and then use a metal or plastic trowel to slowly apply the product to the surface you wish to waterproof. Use slow movements for best results, go over the same area multiple times to remove excess and spread to thinner areas. Complete 1 sqm at a time to ensure the product does not go off too quickly for you to work it. You will need wet wipes to clean your equipment as you go, after applying a few SQM clean your trowel. 

Each tube contains enough for approx. 1 square metre application. Porous substrates will require more, use on smooth surfaces for best results.

You can return any unused product within 14 days for a full refund, so you may aswel buy more than enough to be sure!

Can I Use It For Repair Jobs?

Yes you can! this is actually how the product was developed, it will repair leaking fibreglass, rubber lined (use patches) and concrete ponds. 

Can MS300 Liquid Pond Liner be used on all surfaces?

While MS300 Liquid Pond Liner is a versatile product, it is important to note that it cannot be used on soft substrates. It must be applied to a solid surface to ensure proper adhesion and effectiveness. Whether you have a wooden or concrete/block pond, MS300 Liquid Pond Liner is the ideal solution for repairing leaks and extending the life of your pond.

Block built ponds that are rendered on the inside will make the product more economical and save wasted product filling gaps etc. Remove any loose material from the substrate before applying the product, it will fill gaps if required but it will be cheaper to fill with mortar/render.

Why choose MS300 Liquid Pond Liner?

There are several reasons why MS300 Liquid Pond Liner stands out as the ultimate solution for pond repairs:

  • Seamless Protection: MS300 Liquid Pond Liner forms a seamless barrier that prevents leaks and protects your pond from further damage.
  • Quick Drying: With its fast-drying formula, MS300 Liquid Pond Liner allows you to get back to enjoying your pond in as little as 6 hours.
  • Compatibility: MS300 Liquid Pond Liner bonds rubber liners but not laminated tarps or plastic flexiliners, ensure a strong and long-lasting repair by using the right liner.
  • Versatility: Whether you have a wood or concrete/block pond, MS300 Liquid Pond Liner is the perfect solution for repairing leaks and extending the lifespan of your pond.
  • Expert Recommended: Trusted by industry professionals, MS300 Liquid Pond Liner is the go-to choice for pond repairs.


When it comes to repairing your pond, MS300 Liquid Pond Liner is the ultimate solution. Its seamless protection, quick-drying formula, and compatibility with various surfaces make it the top choice for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Say goodbye to leaks and hello to a beautifully restored pond with MS300 Liquid Pond Liner.

    Flexible Sealant that bonds - Concrete- Stone - Wood - Glass - Metal - Rubber - Plastic - Fibreglass

    No need for priming on clean surfaces that are free of grease and dust (concrete must be primed), bonds almost all liners (not laminated tarps)
    High performance and environmentally friendly modified adhesive sealant with terminal silyl polyether as the base polymer. No odor, zero formaldehyde, no shrinkage after colloid curing.
    Excellent weather resistance, durability and high resistance to movement. Stable bonding to various substrates such as wood, glass and metal

    Avoid prolonged contact with skin, if uncured adhesive comes into contact with eyes wash with plenty of water and consult a doctor. Keep away from fire and out of reach of children

    Seals best on clean/dry surfaces.

    Cure time 6 to 24 hours, this sealant skins over but takes years to fully cure in the center of large beads, this is not a problem, it is a characteristic of our sealant which remains flexible.

    MyPond UK Distributor;
    CWD Sandbach LTD
    4 Filter Bed Way
    CW11 4AD
    MyPond MS300

    *Fish Safe
    *Bonds Liners
    *Perfect for Pond Window Installation
    *Bottom Drain Sealing
    *4x Stronger than Silicone
    *Pond sealant

    Flexible Sealant that bonds - Concrete- Stone - Wood - Glass - Metal - Rubber - Plastic - Fibreglass