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CWD Pond

Gravity Fed Waterblade

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Gravity Fed Water Blade

Our gravity water blade is designed specifically for gravity return systems.

Not only does this design eliminate any back pressure, but it is also available to suit inlet pipes upto 4" diameter.

This design allows the water to enter the water blade from the rear before the internal baffle disperses the water across the width of the blade, standard water blades build pressure in the reservoir forcing the water upwards through the internal baffles and out over the spout.  With this design the water actually leaves the inlet inside the back chamber,before hitting the internal baffle and spreading evenly across the blade.

 This product was designed back in 2016 and has been thoroughly tested and checked for performance before being introduced into the market in early 2018.

With the standard water blades on the market being specifically designed to be pump fed, we have now managed to give the perfect answer for anyone with gravity return systems.

We have listed here widths from 200mm to 600mm,spout lengths from 100mm to 300mm and inlets from 2" to 4", however we can also manufacture specific sizes, also with multiple inlets.