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CWD Pond

Filtreau drum filter (25M3 /HR) Inc 40W amalgam

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Gravity fed

-Input: 2 x inlets 110mm

-Output:l x outlet 110 mm

-Used materials: PA, stainles steel / 316, FPM seal, high pressure PVC, -silicone seal

-flow: 20m3

-Diameter drum: 38x40 cm

-Gearbox: 27Nm ,Slip clutch

-Screen panels: 70 micron stainless steel 316

-Flat jet nozzles

-Control box IP 44

-Manual control puch button

-Spray bar: high-pressure PVC 40bar


-All components: modules, quickly changeable

-Body dimensions: 79x48x54cm (total length 79cm incl. waste collector)

-GE declaration

-2 year warranty on all parts (ex. screen elements)

-Incl. Amalgam 40watt UVC lamp

-   hours counter / replace message

-   Ce approval UVC/Drum body