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CWD Pond

Create Your Own Pond Liner! EPDM , Butyl Liner or 260GSM Underlay

Choose the length and width you requir in metres and the type of liner from the drop down


0.75mm 0.85mm and 1.0mm Epalyn EP Rubber Pond Liner is the ideal rubber liner for garden ponds, large lakes, tailored liners, water tanks, reservoirs, ornamental and wildlife ponds.


Epalyn EP synthetic rubber membrane ideal for lining ponds, lakes, lagoons and streams. Ideal for aquatic installations Epalyn EP is a popular choice for larger projects where unusual shapes, contours and sizes are required. A highly robust pond liner, Epalyn EP is resistant to UV degradation and other harsh environmental conditions. The Epalyn EP pond liners can be installed all year-round as they remain extremely flexible at various temperatures.


Epalyn Rubber Pond Liner Benefits:


ideal choice for lining ponds, lakes and water tanks.


not affected by UV light, temperature or age.


totally inert / chemically stable when coming into contact with chemicals in the soil and other materials.


Delivery times are currently ranging from 10 to 20 working days, please bare with us during these busy times!