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CWD Pond

Cement Based Fish Safe waterproofer 25kg (6kg per sqm)

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HEAVY ITEM - SHIPPING CHARGES APPLY FOR 1 OR 2 TUBS, no further delivery charges for ordering more than 2 tubs

Waterproof your concrete pond or water feature

If you are building a new pond or water feature and need to waterproof it, or waterproofing an old leaky one, then this is just what you need for any easy and effective fix.

  • excellent for waterproofing ponds and water features – it’s fish friendly! Waterproof ponds made from bricks, stone, mortar or concrete that are sound and absorbent.
  • has been used successfully on both small and large garden ponds, larger civic fountain pools and even trout farms.
  •  easy to apply to your pond. Simply brush it on as a slurry on to a pre-wetted surface. Apply a second coat with 24 hours. Once both coats have been applied, the product should not be allowed to fully dry out for 3 days, to allow the ‘crystalisation’ process to take place

 Trade / DIY benefits

  • Crystalline waterproofing
  • Easy to apply
  • Fish friendly
  • Minimum tools required

 Trade / DIY waterproofing applications

  • Concrete ponds
  • Concrete water features
  • Brick ponds
  • Brick water features
  • Stone ponds
  • Stone water features
  • Fountains
  • Garden ponds
  • Koi ponds

 How to Step-by-Step

  1. Clean surface and ensure it’s free from algae, mud and any other contaminants
  2. Mix up powder with water (no more than can be applied within 30 minutes)
  3. Wet down the surface to be treated with a wet brush
  4. Apply first coat with brush wait till touch dry
  5. Apply second coat within 24 hours at right angles to the first
  6. A trowel can be used on the second coat for a polished finish if required


It is important that no less than the minimum amount of product per square metre be applied and it is essential that two to three coats are applied to your pond


We reccomend 6 kilos per square meter, brush on 2 coats then trowel a third smooth. Each tub is 25kg


For example a 2m x 2m x 0.9 metre pond = 11.2 square meters

11.2 x 6 = 67.2 ÷ 25 = 2.68 tubs (round up to 3)