CWD Pond Builders - Cheshire

This page features a few of the ponds we've had the pleasure of building

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Church Lawton

Our Favourite build of 2022!

  • Triple window
  • Bottom drain
  • Half inside half outside
  • Evolution Aqua Nexus 220+
  • Evo 75w UV
  • Tempest on a custom made skimmer
  • 2x 10,000 Varipumps

Looks great doesn't it!

Cheshire Pond Builder


This pond had a bit of a sad story, it was an in ground pond originally with a long stream/waterfall snaking around the garden. The customer went on holiday and came back to find all of their fish had perished as the UV had tripped the electrics, this was quite a few years ago. After discussing options with the customer they liked the window option and raising it out of the ground. we decided on a fibreglass lined pond to match the shape of the original pond and build up using the old foundations.


Filtration was a big issue previously so we recommended a full Evolution Aqua set up!

  • Bottom Drain
  • Nexus 320+
  • Twin Tempest
  • Varipump 10,000

This was a fantastic pond to work on with quite a few challenges to overcome, we got there in the end and Evolution Aqua were so impressed they came to film it for their social media and YouTube channel.


We hope you have many years of easy going fish keeping!




This stunning 2 window pond had no expense spared!

  • Fibreglass lined and insulated
  • Filtreau 30 Drum & Bio running on the 4" Aerated Bottom Drain
  • Bead filter running from it's custom made skimmer line
  • Low Iron 10mm toughened glass jumpguards


3 x 3 metre 60cm above 30cm below ground pond

  • 1mm Butyl Box Welded Liner
  • 4" pressure Premium Aerated Bottom Drain
  • 25.5mm 1800mm toughened, laminated and heatsoaked Pond Viewing Window
  • 60cm Stainless Steel Blade Waterfall


This customer had moved into a new home and wanted something special to house his beloved fish in

  • Bottom Drain
  • EA EasyPod
  • 2KW Pond Heater
  • Glass Jumpguard System
  • Pergola
  • 45cm Blade Waterfall



We were contacted by this customer who wanted to have something easier to maintain than their existing in ground pond, we discussed and decided on a 2.6 x 2.6m pond with an aerated bottom drain, then we built sleeper planters around the edges so everything tied in nicely!



Our customer in Leicester wanted to upgrade his existing in ground pond to something more premium, they had a good idea of what they wanted and it was a pleasure to work with them on building their dream pond.