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EcoFilter 2000 Solar filter and Pump bundle

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You will receive a Solar Shower 300 with your filter box, these pair up perfectly

Can be set up as a shower waterfall or circulate water underneath the surface



The PondXpert EcoFilter 2000 filter is a submersible solar filter that works well when ran with a solar or fountain pump.


This handy solar filter allows you to provide filtration for a pond without the need for mains electricity. Whilst there is no UVC unit, the filter comes with plenty of foam and Bio media to provide a good level of mechanical and biological filtration. Working in a very similar way to an All-in-One pond filter, the pump (not included) fits inside the box and the whole box is submerged. The The PondXpert EcoFilter 2000 can be connected to an existing or new solar pump, the most suitable of which would be the 200, 300 and 400 models in the PondXpert SolarShower range.

IMPORTANT: Not designed to keep ponds with koi or heavy stock of fish clean.



The PondXpert SolarShower 300 pump is a "state of the art" solar fountain pump with lithium battery & LEDs.

This solar fountain pump is feature-packed and would prove a welcome addition to any garden. They are excellent at providing a water fountain and for aerating your pond.

Solar Powered: The PondXpert SolarShower 300 is powered by the sun and creates a fabulous fountain display. No electrical installation required!

Battery Included: Excess energy generated will be directed to power-up the lithium battery inside the unit. A 9v mains adaptor can be used to charge the battery from the mains.

LED Light Included: In the evenings, the LED lights on the pump will illuminate your fountain at dusk.

LED light is detachable.

Fountain Attachments: The smaller SolarShower units come fully equipped with a range of fountain attachments to create a fountain feature. The unit comes with 4 different fountain heads to create an array of different spray patterns.