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CWD Pond

8mm Hex Head Sleeper Screws - 150mm

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Heavy duty screws ideal for fixing together 200 x 100mm sleepers that are laid flat


These screws come in Gold, Silver and Black - you will receive whichever we have in stock


These are 8mm Hex Head Screws and can self countersink into softwood, hardwood will require a pre drilled hole if you need them flush, or choose the wafer head screw instead.


if you prefer to have a certain colour please contact us and we'll be able to let you know if we can send out the colour you prefer.


6 screws for each sleeper minimum we advise for pond builds, each cut below the sleeper you are screwing in will also need 2 screws either side to join them together.


Sold in packs of 200 or individually